Exploring Kings Cross

Hi friends and welcome to Hello Monday on a Tuesday. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I shared on Friday that my husband had a knee replacement and so far I’m happy to report that all is going well. Yay! He had the surgery at East Sydney Private Hospital which is about a ten-minute walk from Kings Cross.

Kings Cross is a lively area in Potts Point, just east of the Sydney business district. So while I waited (hours) for Steve to come out of surgery. I spent some of the morning exploring a little and I thought I would share some of the interesting things I saw.

Exploring Kings Cross

Kings Cross in Sydney has a very rich and colourful history. It started as a fancy area in the 19th century but changed a lot during World War II when it became popular with American soldiers. After the war, it turned into a hotspot for artists and free spirits. Then in the 60s and 70s, it was incredibly famous for its nightlife and red-light district.

Recently, it has been revitalised and what makes Kings Cross so interesting and unique is the combination of its racy past with current trendy shops and eateries. I only spent a short while wandering around but I want to go back during the next school holidays with my fun friend and explore some more.

The Iconic Coca-Cola Sign

The first thing you see right at the beginning as you first enter Kings Cross is this massive Coca-Cola sign. It’s such an iconic landmark in Sydney and you can’t miss it. I’ve seen it lit up at night and it looks amazing!

Kins Cross Coke a Cola sign

The Interesting Shops

What really stood out for me about Kings Cross is the diversity of people as well as the variety of shops and businesses. I saw some shops like this one called Penny’s Cheese Shop that was (you guessed it) full of cheese as well as other delicious gourmet delights. The aroma of cheese inside the store made my mouth water and I want to go back and have the cheese toasties.

Kings Cross shop

Kings Cross Cheese shop

cheese shop

A lovely home decor shop that smelled amazing with so many varieties of candles and reed diffusers!

Kings Cross Candle store

Then amongst all the trendy homeware, fashion and gourmet food shops, there were so many adult shops as well. Such a contrast!

King's Cross

El Alamein Memorial Fountain

I kept wandering along until I stumbled across the famous El Alamein Memorial Fountain. It looks like a massive dandelion– so pretty, especially on such a sunny day with beautiful blue skies.




Cafes and Restaurants

There were so many places to eat and whole laneways lined with cafes and restaurants.



I snapped a not-very-good pic of a photo shoot featuring two glamorous models.

photo shoot at Kings Cross

Kings Cross or “The Cross” as it’s often called, is a fascinating mix of contrasts. You’ve got the ultra-rich mingling in cafes and then nearby there are pockets where you see the sad reality of people clearly struggling with addiction. It’s like being in two worlds at the same time which I found hard to wrap my head around.

The Interesting Buildings

In Kings Cross, the contrasts aren’t just in the people; they’re in the architecture too. You’ve got modern buildings rubbing shoulders with historic, art deco gems. It feels like you’re walking through a time warp!

The Metro in Kings Cross

I think that it’s this blend of old and new that makes Kings Cross such a charming, interesting and very unique place to visit. I really only caught a glimpse last Friday morning. So I’m looking forward to exploring it again soon and taking lots more photos, especially of the buildings.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I look forward to being back on Wednesday. Have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be!

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Kings Cross”

  1. I am so glad everything is going well with your husbands knee. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
    Kings Cross looks like a great place to visit. I love that Coca Cola sign and the shops sound great.

  2. That does look like such a neat area to explore. That is such a beautiful fountain. Glad his surgery went well, and I hope his recovery goes well too!

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