hang out with friends for a more relaxed life

How To Live A More Relaxed Life

We all want to live a more relaxed life, however, this is not always easy. Life can be very fast-paced, hectic, and generally very stressful. It is very important for our well-being that we try to aim to adjust things in our lives that may be causing us unnecessary anxiety or pressure. This will not only benefit us but also those who live with us.

It is extraordinarily hard to live with someone who is constantly stressed and wound up. Nobody can relax when this is the case. So consider some of the following points so that you can live a more relaxed life.


Decluttering your environment is a great step in reducing your levels of stress. When you do away with clutter you will feel much calmer and in control of your life. Living in a tidy and organised space will allow your mind to relax and you will feel overall much happier.


Exercise helps your brain to produce the “feel good” neurotransmitter known as Endorphines. Certainly, there is a real sense of well-being and elation after a good challenging workout. Therefore people who engage in regular exercise will generally feel calmer and more relaxed.

Exercise is good for your physical well-being as it improves blood flow and oxygen to your body. Additionally, it is also very beneficial for your mind as it can distract you from your troubles. As a result, when you are exercising you are concentrating on your body and not focusing on what is going through your mind.

exercise for a more relaxed life

Hang Out With Kind Supportive Friends

Surround yourself with supportive friends who understand and appreciate you. Find those friends who want to see you happily living your best life and stick with them!

hang out with friends for a more relaxed life

Get Adequate Sleep

Try to get to bed at a decent time so that you sleep enough hours to rejuvenate your mind and body. Sleep is vital for our health as it is during sleep when the body repairs itself.

Treat Yourself with Simple Pleasures

Think of simple things that you really enjoy doing and that make you feel joyful and relaxed. Perhaps it might be taking a nice long undisturbed shower, reading a good book, watching a favourite movie, or listening to music. Whatever it may be try and make sure you sprinkle some of these pleasures into your everyday life.

Smile And Laugh More

Being able to enjoy moments of laughter especially when you are going through very anxious and stressful times works like a release.

Eat Healthily

Eating a healthy diet will increase your energy levels and general well-being. Stay away from junk food and eat a healthy well-balanced diet from a variety of food groups.

Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D as this can impact your mood. If your vitamin D levels are low your body may feel achy, tired, and stressed. Try and get out in the sunshine and eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D such as salmon, egg yolk, and sardines.

Decline The Drama

We all know people who just love to create and promote drama. Unfortunately, when you are around these kinds of people on a daily basis it can be easy to get caught up in it. Drama is not healthy so be more inclined to resist joining in for a more relaxed life.

no drama for a more relaxed life

Practice Gratitude

Being grateful for what we have daily is the best way to stop focusing on whatever is making us stressed and anxious. Try and be grateful even for the tiniest blessings and resist the attitude of taking things for granted. Perhaps begin each morning by being grateful for something and end the day in the same way.

live in the present for a more relaxed lifeLive In The Present

Try not to worry about the future, this is probably one of the hardest things to do especially if you are prone to catastrophizing! We need to remember that the future is completely out of our control. So try and bring your mind into the present when it starts to wander into the scary future. There is a direct correlation between living in the present and living a more relaxed life.

Visualise Your Troubles Away

When you begin to feel your anxiety rising about a certain situation. Picture yourself getting as far away as possible from the trouble that is unsettling you.



It is almost impossible to live a relaxed life if you harbor a grudge or choose to not forgive someone. Unfortunately, you are only hurting yourself when you don’t forgive and move on.

Take A Day Off From Complaining

Pick a day and make a big effort to resist the urge to whinge and complain. This is certainly no easy task. However, if you catch yourself every time you are about to complain and turn it around to focus on a positive thought. You will be on your way to training your mind to dwell on the positives rather than the negatives.

be kind unwind

Practice Self Care

Practicing self-care is also very beneficial for living a more relaxed life. Self-care is important for our health, happiness, and general well-being.




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9 thoughts on “How To Live A More Relaxed Life”

  1. What a beautiful post, so well written and informative, you’ve including some great advice that I plan on practicing on, because agree following these steps could really help to feel more relaxed and less stressed.

  2. Wow! Love this comprehensive list. Our lives are so busy we forget to take time to relax and look after ourselves. Definitely going to schedule more fun times with friends!!!

  3. There are so many great things on this list! Implementing them can be difficult but so beneficial, my favourite one to start working on is visualising your troubles away.

  4. Literally just decided last night to make all of this a priority for the winter months. To use this time to change my life. Thank you for posting my reminder first thing in the morning.

  5. Good list! Getting more sleep is not possible for me due to work, but I would surely like it. And I do think we have some of our future in our hands. I’m investing for my son, so he’ll have an easier start one day. I also moved back to a country with free college education, so he will have all the chances without getting in debt in young years. I’m not just living in the here and now; I’m trying to plan a little ahead. Regarding the decluttering, I’m certainly behind… 😉

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