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Fun Family Reunion

Hi Friends I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are reset and recharged for the week ahead. I’m bracing myself for the beginning of a new week that finally sees us going back to normal. Preschool is open again! and I will be jumping back in full speed ahead with all the fun things that term 4 will bring. But for now, let me show you a peek into our weekend where we were able to have a fun family reunion.

The day I was most looking forward to finally arrived! My oldest son and his lovely fiancee were able to come over for a visit. It has been four long months of lockdown and four long months of not being allowed to get together with family. Oh boy, that was hard and I’m so happy it’s all over!!!


My oldest son turned 28 on Saturday so it was a double bonus. We were able to have a family reunion and celebrate his birthday. Earlier in the week, I had asked him what he wanted me to cook for him for his birthday lunch and he asked for quiche. Haha, I’m so glad he loves a good old quiche, so easy to make.

quiche for fun family reunion

When he was living at home I would often pack him quiche for his lunches.  Quiche was something I would quickly throw together when I had no idea what to cook for dinner. Quiche was what saved my sanity when we had leftovers but not enough and we needed just something extra that would make it an easy dinner. Yes. I truly love quiche and not just because it tastes great but for all those other reasons too.

We had so much catching up to do and the day went so fast. I was really happy that they were able to spend the whole day with us. Did I mention how happy I was!!!! We had so much to talk about and we laughed so hard. It was the best time.


Both my boys are huge Pokémon fans but I would say out of both of them my oldest is most definitely the biggest fan. He was five years old when Pokémon fever hit Australia and he has been a die-hard Pokémon fan ever since then.

He has a gazillion cards and while he was visiting he pulled them all out looking for a rare one that is worth quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it but it was fun going through a lot of his cards and favourite childhood toys. We found his old Gameboy, photos, and special things I was happy I had kept safely stored away.

Pokemon cards for fun family reunion

Look at all these cards and that’s just a tiny fraction of them. I had flashbacks to when he was little and I would open his bedroom door to find these cards all over everywhere. The mess used to drive me bananas back then. But now I just find myself wishing for those days back. sigh! They grow too fast.

Pavlova Again!

I say you can never eat enough pavlova ever. My younger son had requested a pavlova for his birthday just ten days ago and this was my oldest son’s request too for his birthday cake. This time I made two and we only ended up with a small piece leftover. Yes, we are huge pavlova lovers over here.

Pavlovas for fun family reunion

The day just flew by and it was sad saying goodbye but now that Sydney is open, we can get together anytime. They only live about half an hour away so we’ll probably see them again in a couple of weeks. I am planning a bigger fun family reunion with the rest of the family soon. I can’t wait!

Time To Declutter Again

After spending Saturday pulling out boxes and drawers looking for Pokemon cards and toys. I have realised that it’s time to declutter again. I’m pretty good at keeping up with a regular cleaning routine but it’s time I got rid of a few things that are no longer useful and are taking up space.

old boxes

These Drona boxes are great for storage but they are looking old and yuck. I need to go through all of them and throw out a lot of old paperwork etc.

Sunday afternoon I made a quick trip to Ikea. Ikea is another place I have been missing and it was so good to be back. I’m lucky that we only live about 10-15 minutes away by car. I went there to pick up some Drona boxes to replace the old ones we have.

A New TV

We have finally decided to buy a new TV and so while I was at Ikea I had a look at some TV units. I have this TV cabinet that I am very attached to but it only holds a very small TV inside. We bought this TV cabinet about 25 years ago and I really like it. But it is super bulky, totally outdated, and not very practical anymore.

The only thing stopping us from getting a new TV is me and my love affair with this cabinet. So I’m breaking up with it and moving on. We really need a new TV, it’s so small and we’ve had it for a very long time. Sam, my younger son is so excited and busy researching the latest and greatest TV we can buy. I am amazed at how much cheaper TVs are compared to even 10 years ago.

TV cabinet

Ikea Meatballs

While I was at Ikea I bought the traditional Ikea dinner of frozen meatballs, sauce, vegetable cakes, and lingonberry jam. I threw all this together for dinner when I got home and everyone loved it. I also found these little cinnamon pastries.

cinnamon pastries

Starting this week I am going back to eating fewer treats and smaller portions. I’ve gained 2 or 3 kilos depending on how I move the dial on my scales and those kilos have to go!

Sunday Night

With all the kids returning back to preschool on Monday I thought it would be fun to make a big welcome sign and decorate the preschool fence with balloons. So Sunday night I was very busy blowing up balloons to take to preschool. Lucky I had a pump to help me! Oh my goodness, so many balloons. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t fit inside my tiny Suzuki.


Happy Rest Of The Week

Well, that’s it from me for now, It really and truly was such a fun family reunion and a great weekend. I hope you all have a fantastic week and stay safe. I’m excited to see the kids back at preschool this week. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it so stay tuned!



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