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Hi friends, I hope that you have all had a great week and are looking forward to a nice weekend. When I’m on holiday from work I really want the time to slow down. But as usual, this week has sped by and here we are again saying hello to the weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by to have a read where I’m excited to share with you my five quick favourites for this week.


It was so lovely not having to worry about routine so I indulged in lots of Netflix and Stan, especially over the weekend. I stayed up late and got up late too. Last Saturday I was still in my pyjamas until midday and on my phone mindlessly scrolling. This is something that I rarely do, so when Sam saw me he laughed. “Good on you Mum,” he said, “so good to see you enjoying the break”. Haha!!


We kickstarted the week with our usual monthly dinner at our local club on Monday night. It was freezing cold and rainy night but my black pea coat kept me warm.

peacoat for six quick favourites

We met up with our friends and enjoyed a nice cocktail before dinner.

cocktail for six quick favourites

I had my usual steamed barramundi with broccoli and rice.

barramundi for six quick favourites post


Tuesday was Steve’s day off from work so we went into the city! We had dinner at a cute little french restaurant.

pate for six quick favourites post



After dinner, we went to an underground bar called Mr Mings. My co-worker had recommended this place to us. She keeps us up to date on all the cool places to visit.

Mr Mings bar for six quick favourites post

The bar was a perfect place to go to on a cold winter’s night. It was all warm and lit up with Chinese lanterns.


My cocktail came in a tall tiki mug with delicious calorie-worthy coconut whipped cream!



With all this rain it has been almost impossible to get any of our laundry dry. We haven’t had a clothes dryer for about 15 years. But getting our clothes dry has never been a big issue until this year.

I always hang out my washing on the clothesline and we’ve managed just fine. But this year it has been raining non-stop. I don’t actually remember ever having so many endless days of rain. Getting our washing to dry has been almost impossible.

So recently Steve has been practically begging me to agree to buy a clothes dryer. Mainly because he had to wear damp pants to work on more than one occasion…oops!! I wanted to wait until we got the laundry renovated first. But with the prices of materials going crazy, I don’t think that this is going to happen anytime soon.

The damp washing was making me crazy too so by Wednesday I was more than happy to go pick out a dryer.

We got our new dryer delivered on Thursday and it has been working beautifully. I had to rearrange our small laundry but it’s fitted in fine and I love it. I actually can’t believe that I took so long to be convinced. Yeah, crazy. I know!!

closes dryer


I finally started painting our bedroom. The prep work kills me and it’s the part that I don’t enjoy at all but I have been very careful to do it well.

I was going to listen to a podcast while I was painting but instead, I thought I would try something different and so I borrowed an audiobook from the library. While I was painting I listened to my first ever audiobook “Becoming” read by Michelle Obama herself.

This is such a great book and I have really been enjoying it. I have learnt so much about the Obamas and I think Michelle Obama is such a lovely and very classy lady.

That’s it for my Friday favourites this week. Five quick favourites, I’m going to jump off the computer now and get back to finish painting my bedroom. We have a super fun thing happening this weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you on Monday. Hope you all have the best weekend!

Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Five Quick Favourites”

  1. That bar looks so fun! I am a sucker for a cocktail in a fun cup.
    I loved Michelle Obama’s book too, and hearing about the real life marriage and parenting things they faced. I mean, I love Barack, but he would be so annoying in his little messy nook!
    I hope you enjoy the dryer, I know hanging laundry is more environmentally friendly, but warm things from the laundry is so nice, speaking of seeking out cozy things in the winter!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Haha, yes warm things from the dryer is now definitely on the list of nice cozy winter essentials ?

  2. Ahh! The days always fly over when you are on your holidays. We have a few weeks and then our summer holidays start. Hooray! Good on you for taking time to relax and unwind.
    The food you’ve been eating looks so good especially at the French restaurant. Mr Mings looks like an interesting place to visit. x

  3. Oh, I love lazy PJ mornings. Just wish there were more of them hehe!
    Mr Mings looks awesome. Glad you had a nice time with friends.
    Happy new dryer! It’s the little things isn’t it? I used to get excited about going clubbing with friends, now I’m over the moon when I get a new Amazon delivery! Haha, the joys of growing up and having kids lol.
    Have a great week Ruth. xx

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