favourites recap

Favourites Recap

Hello friends and Hello Friday!! It’s great to be back to share a favourites recap. Thank you so much for being here!

Well, it was back to work for me on Tuesday! I was so sad to say goodbye to the holidays but I have to admit that one of the upsides was getting back to my walk-to-work routine. When the holidays first started I was trying to keep up with doing some regular walking. I started strong and then got lazy real quick!

Another huge favourite was starting the year with a freshly painted preschool! It looks so beautiful now with the Antique white walls and new flooring. The whole preschool looks incredibly fresh and feels like a much calmer space than before.

You see, all the preschool rooms used to be painted in different bright bold colours and I wasn’t a fan. For someone like me who loves neutral colours, stepping into such a vibrant and retina-challenging space every day was quite overwhelming. But having worked there for so long I (sort of ) got used to being surrounded by so much intense colour. One room was bright red, the reading area was royal blue, another classroom banana yellow, and the foyer was mandarine orange. You get the picture!

Our amazing director has been organising some practical as well as aesthetic changes to our tired old building. After the big painting project, we have been receiving heaps of wonderful feedback from the preschool families and of course, the staff couldn’t be happier! Because the calmer the space, the calmer the children, right? Haha!

We had two pupil-free days – Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was one super long meeting broken up by a delicious lunch the preschool provided for us.

Chicken and salad with chips as well as garlic sauce on the side. Yum, but luckily we didn’t have any parents or children to breathe on that day!

chicken and salad lunch for favourites catch up post

On Monday, the last day of the summer school holidays. I dug deep and found some motivation to pull down the curtains and wash them. I also cleaned the blinds. Now the rooms in the house smell so fresh and clean and that’s a gigantic favourite!

cleaning the blinds

I love this plant!

red plant - Favourites recap post

Last year I went to visit my friend who lives in Avoca Beach and I stayed with her for a couple of days. Well, she has the most beautiful house and a gorgeously landscaped garden. She had these brightly coloured plants growing in her front yard, which looked spectacular. I commented on how much I liked them and she gave me a cutting to take home.

Now I’ve shared heaps of times before that I am no gardener! So I didn’t hold any high hopes that I would manage to keep the beautiful plant alive much less grow it. But miracles of all miracles, I put it in a vase with water and then a few weeks later when some roots started to grow I replanted it into a pot. And it grew!!! Now I am going to give my other friend a cutting and she is going to do the same. It will be like the pay-it-forward miracle plant!

Speaking of plants, I got some new ones for around the house.

A palm for the dining area

palm plant - favourites recap post

One for the bathroom.

money plant-favourites recap post


Another one behind the sofa.

Some greenery is always good for the eyes.

That’s all for now friends, a quick favourites recap for this week. Funnily enough, even though we are back into routine. All of this week I was still asking ‘What day is it today?’. Starting work on Tuesday kind of threw me and I have been confused all week. Next week we are back from Monday so I won’t be confused but I sure will be counting down the days until the weekend!

Thanks so much for being here and I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Favourites Recap”

  1. Well done on keeping that plant alive! I’m sure the new paint is lovely, there would be enough colour with the toys and artwork anyway. What a nice way to make the return to work more exciting.

  2. How lovely that the preschool has been painted. It sounds like a big change from the bright rooms but better, I imagine it feeling so much calmer.
    Well done with the plants, they really do look fantastic. x

  3. The “new” preschool sounds much calmer. I remember that trend of bright colors for little kid spaces but I too much prefer the white and neutrals (it’s not like all their toys aren’t already colorful anyway!). Your lunch looks delicious. I always say I am not a gardener either but I have managed to keep quite a few plants alive and even managed to grow a few from cutting too! That made me feel so accomplished!

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