Enjoying The Simple Things

Hey friends! Well, it’s Monday again and it sure feels like the weekend went by way too quickly! Don’t you agree? Oh well, I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that there are many reasons to love Mondays. And linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday is definitely a highlight! I loved this weekend because I got to spend time with my family, enjoying some yummy treats and watching some fun TV shows-it’s the simple things and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Friday Night

For me, the weekend officially starts the minute I walk out of work at around 4 pm on Friday. And I love to kick it off with a sweet (or savoury) treat for the evening. So on Friday, I decided to stop off at our local 7-Eleven for a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

doughnuts for enjoying the simple things

I stood there staring at the glass cabinet for ages like a kid and I just couldn’t decide. In the end, I chose my usual- the pink one with sprinkles because they’re the best!

doughnut for enjoying the simple things

I enjoyed munching on it while I watched TV in the evening.


Saturday my big boy Luke came over for the day, his fiancee was working all weekend and she couldn’t make it. It seems that my family have weird working hours and it’s getting to be a bit tricky finding a time when we can all be together. So Luke, Steve and I had lunch together minus Sam because he was at his part-time job. Then Steve went to work and Luke and I hung out until Sam got home and the three of us ate dinner together in the evening.

After dinner, we had good old Sarah Lee apple pie with ice cream for dessert.

apple pie for enjoying the little things

And watched a few episodes of Dr Who. I hadn’t seen any episodes for a while and now I’m right back into this classic show again!

Dr Who enjoying the simple things

We watched an episode that was all about time dilation. And afterwards, we were all discussing what this meant. Luke has this incredible ability to understand the most complicated theories and has a head full of facts and general knowledge. Bless him, he tried so hard to explain time dilation to me in a thousand different ways complete with YouTube videos and simple diagrams. But I was all like….

I just could not get my head around it! Sam was also confused which made me feel better?. And in the end, we were all roaring with laughter. Because clearly, physics isn’t my thing! We laughed so much my stomach hurt! I love those kinds of belly laughs. I gave up trying to understand and poor patient Luke gave up trying to explain and we just kept enjoying a couple more episodes of Dr Who. It was such a funny night!


Sunday I went to church and I’m excited that we have started a new sermon series on the book of Romans.

It was around lunchtime when I got home from church and I was feeling hungry for eggs so I had breakfast for lunch. I don’t ever feel hungry first thing in the morning and my appetite doesn’t seem to wake up until around 10 am. Then I spend the rest of the day thinking about food and excited for my next meal!

breakfast for lunch

This avocado was looking and feeling a bit dodgy but when I opened it, it was ok. Avocados are funny like that. One day they are as hard as rocks and then the next day they’re almost too soft. At least it always feels like that to me.

avocado for the enjoying the little things

I sprinkled some of this delicious seasoning on the avocado and it was so good! I love the crunchy saltiness.

seasoning for enjoying the little things

It’s no secret that Bundaberg ginger beer is one of my favourite soft drinks. The other day I bought some mini cans which are really great because I can satisfy my craving without committing to a whole regular-sized bottle.

ginger beer for enjoying the little things post

In the evening I did my meal plan and then online grocery order.  And I finished off a very pleasant Sunday by catching up on more 9-1-1. I am so addicted!!

meal plan

And just like that, the weekend was over. But it sure was a fun one enjoying the simple things!

Happy Monday!

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8 thoughts on “Enjoying The Simple Things”

  1. I love that you chose the pink with sprinkles– that’s always my choice too! I feel like a kid when ordering it haha but it is the best!

  2. A doughnut is a great way to start the weekend. I would have chosen the pink one too. hehehe
    It is hard trying to fit in family time when everyone works different hours. We find it tricky too with my eldest working nights.
    We all love Doctor Who here but it is sometimes difficult to understand. x

  3. I like these doughnuts. I am sure the pink one with sprinklers is yummy and a good choice! It seems that you had lovely time…

  4. I’m like you, when my kids explains anything scientific or mathematical I’m still clueless about it. I guess it’s a blessing they don’t have my genes in that department!

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