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Currently In January

Currently in January – Hey, friends welcome to the first edition of Currently for 2023! As usual, I am linking up with Jennifer from ‘Overflowing With Thankfulness’ for today’s post where we will be looking at what we are currently…






Currently In January


I absolutely love being on summer holidays. Apart from all the fun get-togethers that we just had over the Christmas period. I don’t have any big plans and instead, I have a few small plans scattered here and there over the next few weeks.

This means that I have all the time in the world and that is what I am loving the most. I have time to declutter and organise. And time for all my household chores without feeling like I am running out of time trying to defuse a ticking bomb. I also have time to enjoy cooking. I mean I had almost forgotten that I enjoyed cooking. How funny! In a nutshell, I am just loving all the everyday mundane tasks.


I have decided that moving forward I want to be mindful. If you know me then you will know that this is no easy task. I could probably write a book on 101 Ways To Catastrophise In Thirty Seconds Or Less. And as a Christian, I should be better about trusting that nothing happens outside of God’s will.

In 2022 I started taking some steps towards being more in the moment. And one of them was to stop watching the news! I never loved watching it but I used to have it on in the background in the mornings. As well as in the evenings. So my day would begin and end with hearing all about the things that were going on in the world. And 99% of it was just plain discouraging if not downright frightening.

This year I am also resolving to be consistent with doing my morning devotions before I start the day. If I don’t get to it first thing. Then soon enough I fall off the daily devotion wagon. I want to fill my head with hope and promises. And I want to embrace what my sunny smiley colleague always says to me at work. “Positive vibes only Ruth!” Haha, she’s so lovely!


Having all this lovely free time also means that I have time to do what I love to do. Organising my home! At the moment I have set myself the goal of organising one thing around the house per day. Depending on how motivated I feel. So on the days when I feel super motivated, I want to tackle big things like the linen cupboard. Which I did the other day. On the days when I am feeling like I’m not in the mood then I will empty out one drawer and organise it. I declutter consistently yet still stuff seems to accumulate especially after Christmas.

I have this monthly planner that helps me organise and plan out my blog posts.

planner currently in January

So I am working on writing down all the monthly linkups as well as potential topics along with some ideas. I get such a kick out of decorating it all with different coloured glitter gel pens and stickers. My high school self would be so proud of me! I also love what the tab at the bottom of the planner says.

planner currently in January


I am anticipating that next week I will have a very relaxing and fun time with my husband. We are going away for an overnight getaway to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary! Yay!


Christmas ham!! I think we have eaten so much ham that we are all good to wait until December this year before we look at ham again.

It’s funny that no matter how much I love Christmas food and party food. After eating so much of it my body just starts craving normal everyday food. I had a tuna (not ham) sandwich the other day and it tasted magnificent!


I have also been eating yummy summer fruits like nectarines, peaches and mangos.

summer fruit currently in January

This morning I made some pancakes and enjoyed them with some berries and maple syrup for a very late breakfast….simply delicious!

pancakes for currently in January post


Thanks so much for stopping by today to read about what’s happening currently in January. I really enjoy being part of this fun linkup because it gets me thinking and reflecting on what’s happening in my day to day. I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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12 thoughts on “Currently In January”

  1. You have so many great things here, Ruth! I like what you said about being more mindful- I know what you mean! 2020 was the year I stopped watching the mainstream news outlets…that means I quit my favorite morning show, and eventually I stopped watching even the local news. I feel much happier and peaceful now that I’ve stopped doing that. I love your new calendar! I love things like that too. I am also on a major organizing spree right now and have tackled some of my kitchen cabinets, some of the laundry room, and yesterday I did my side of our bedroom closet. I love having things tidied up and organized in a way to inspire me in getting dressed for the day. Thanks for sharing today, and for linking up with me!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thanks so much for hosting this great linkup Jennifer. I definitely feel much better now that I don’t watch the news. My friend laughs and wonders how I can cope without knowing what’s going on. I always reassure her that I’m totally ok with it?

  2. This is a wonderful post filled with optimism and faith. You’re very inspiring and I love you for that. I’m looking forward to dropping by throughout the year for shot of hope and happiness.

  3. Hi Ruth! I’m visiting from the Currently link up. I can relate to so much of what you’ve shared here! I am doing a new Bible study this year and right off the bat, it asks the question of an area that I need to mature in, spiritually. My answer was that I needed to not panic and react badly to every trial that pops up. I really want to be a calm Christian, that has so much faith, that I don’t panic, but turn immediately to the Lord and hold on to my faith! Uggg. It’s a daily thing.
    As far as the news goes, I never watch! You can’t trust the media anymore, so how can we watch and believe anything they say?
    Plus, I feel like fear is right where the enemy wants us, so I refuse to play along.

    Anyway, glad I got to link up with you today 🙂 Have a great week!

  4. Although I don’t watch the news, I stay informed through Twitter and podcasts. And when I need a break, I just don’t log on (like the day after the US election, I just couldn’t read any more about it). Whenever there is a big story, I always tune into our national public broadcaster’s (the CBC) evening news because they do a great job of being thorough and non-partisan. I’m sure Australia is similar to us in that way. I don’t care for the regular supper hour news and even the CBC’s radio station gets a little repetitive.

  5. Ahh! I wish we were on our summer holidays. lol My youngest is going back to school tomorrow after the Christmas holidays and a couple of weeks does not seem long enough.
    hahaha! I will join you in writing that book, 101 Ways To Catastrophise In Thirty Seconds Or Less. I stopped watching the news when Covid was at it’s worst and it has helped me worry less. x

  6. I was working on my blogging calendar earlier today too! I’ve also been cleaning out and organizing just one small space at a time; I’m always amazed at how fast the clutter seems to add up. The foods look delicious and I know just what you mean. I was so excited to start eating salads and fresh fruit and chicken and tuna again after all the holiday foods.

  7. Hooray for summer break! Enjoy:) (funny typing that as I sit here in the other chilly hemisphere!) Turning off the news is brilliant…and so helpful. I stopped watching/reading it a while back and have not missed it once! Happiest anniversary wishes – enjoy your chance to get away!

  8. Now I’m inspired to be more planful about my blog posts. I haven’t ever done that and I really should be a bit more organized in that way.

    And you are inspiring me for my summer break (six months away) to enjoy getting our house in order. One thing a day sounds very doable! And every little bit helps, right?!?!

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