Currently in February

Currently In February

Hey everyone it’s time for the February edition of Currently hosted by Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness. Today we are taking a peek into what we are currently loving, looking forward to, doing to be romantic, changing and celebrating. Thank you so much for joining me!


I have been loving walking into our preschool and seeing Antique white walls! I shared the other day that it used to be painted in a kaleidoscope of bold colours. However, during the summer holidays, it was transformed into a new space with fresh WHITE paint and new flooring. It feels so zen – peace out man!

classroom- February currently post

I keep forgetting to take photos of the classroom when it’s set up. But here it is after it was all packed up for the day. We also have plans to get all new furniture, so I’ll be sure to share some pics when it’s all done!


I’m looking forward to the weekend and then beyond that I’m looking forward to the next term break. It’s been exhausting settling the new kids into preschool this week. Almost feels like I’ve spent the last few days rounding up confused sheep!


I can’t say that I have really been doing anything to be romantic. Steve and I enjoyed a whole lot of fun outings at cafes and restaurants when I was off during the summer break. But now I think that we will be enjoying cozy nights at home with a glass of wine in front of the TV when he is off from work two evenings a week. That counts as romantic, right?


Hmmmm, I had to think about this one! All I could come up with is that I’ve been changing channels and streaming apps a lot on my TV. I can’t seem to find any good series to binge-watch lately. Any recommendations?


I have a very young and fun work colleague whose birthday just happens to fall on the day before mine in February. Well, she is probably one of the happiest and sunniest people I know. Her zest for life and celebrating any occasion is downright contagious! So these days I can’t help but be excited about my birthday too.

I don’t know how I will be celebrating on the day. But I do know that since I’ve been working with her I’ve stopped being all silly about getting older. I’m going along with her enthusiasm and I like her idea that February should be birthday month. Haha! This means that every weekend in February, we are each going to do something big or little for ourselves to celebrate.

So I decided that the coin and card wallet I got with my $30 rewards voucher from Country Road last Saturday, was a birthday present to myself!

Country Road card wallet

That wraps up a few things that I have been up to.

Happy Wednesday!

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12 thoughts on “Currently In February”

  1. The classroom looks so lovely! I have been changing the channel a lot too looking for something good to watch.. I’ve fallen into watching really old shows that I never saw in their entirety like Monk and House.

  2. The preschool looks really good. I love the white walls. It does look very calming.
    I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy again, it’s taken a few months and I still have a couple of seasons left to watch.
    Good on you! You do right having a birthday month! It sounds like a lot of fun. x

  3. Staying home and sipping wine is considered romantic as far as I’m concerned! Whatever works for you. šŸ™‚ Wishing you a happy birthday MONTH! What a great idea!

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