catching up on favourites

Catching Up On Favourites

Hey friends it’s great to be back today catching up on favourites. The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind! But I’m happy to report that I’m feeling better every day since my thyroidectomy. So I thought that today I would catch you up on all the favourite moments that I missed sharing last Friday.


Firstly, I cannot express how happy I am with my recovery and the huge relief that this surgery is over and done with. I saw the surgeon on Wednesday for my post-surgery appointment. And he was really pleased with how my neck is healing. And best of all he said that the biopsy on my nodules had come back clear. It was worth the two-hour wait in his surgery to see him and hear this news. I really appreciate how he takes time with each patient so I didn’t mind waiting at all. It also gave me a chance to read some of my favourite blogs that I wanted to catch up on.


Taking time off from work has also been a blessing in disguise, allowing me to focus on my well-being. Plus with the school holidays just around the corner, I have even more reason to celebrate being at home!


Waking up without the need to rush out of bed in the chilly Sydney mornings has been the best! Just this past week we had our coldest mornings in thirteen years where the temps tipped down really low to around 5°C. That’s Arctic conditions for us Sydneysiders! I remember reading somewhere a couple of weeks ago that we were supposed to be having a very mild winter this year. Oh well, I just have to keep reminding myself that compared to many parts of the world. Our winters really are in fact on the mild side.

weather chart for catching up on favourites post


One of my favourite moments during this period has been the opportunity to have lunch with my husband. Normally he would have just left for work by the time I got home. But this week we have been able to share a meal together every day. We had some burgers and fries from Maccas earlier in the week as a yummy treat.

burgers and fries for catching up on favourites post

Steve used a few leftovers and cooked up some fried rice.

fried rice for catching up on favourites post

Today we had some pumpkin soup with ham and cheese melts. So good on a cold Friday!

pumpkin soup


Just backtracking now, but the weekend before my surgery my Aunty celebrated her birthday. She even changed the weekend so that it meant I wouldn’t miss out because of the surgery. We had a fun time at her house celebrating with friends and family, lots of delicious food and of course, cake!

catching up on birthday celebrations

catching up on birthday celebrations

birthday cake



Speaking of friends and family, I am so grateful for the kindness they have shown me while I have been recovering. I have had calls and texts from so many of them checking in on me. And one of my friends from my bible study group cooked us a delicious meal which she dropped off for us.

a meal

Another lovely friend surprised me with sweet goodies and a really special handmade treasure. This beautiful paper crane came in an origami box with the sweetest kindest note that brought tears to my eyes!

a paper crane

My work colleagues also didn’t miss a beat in brightening my recovery. They sent me a stunning bouquet of flowers!


a note

While I was in the hospital my little cousin also gifted me a beautiful plant in a lovely pale pink pot that she chose herself.



Yesterday I felt well enough to go out and get a much-needed haircut. The hairdresser took a lot off from the back and it felt so good. Now I have more of a long bob without so many layers and I’m happy with this slight change. After my haircut, I went to TK Maxx and picked up this tube of treatment for split ends and frizzy hair. It was only $12 but it retails for over $50 online, talk about a good bargain!

frizz treatment

I guess that brings me to the end, it’s been fun catching up on some favourites. Thanks so much for dropping by to read my blog and I hope that you have a most wonderful weekend.

Happy Friday!

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9 thoughts on “Catching Up On Favourites”

  1. Wonderful news about your biopsy and you have so many people that love you! What thoughtful gestures. The silver lining is a meal with your hub, too. Take care of yourself!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better after your surgery. I am so glad it all went well and the tests afterwards.
    Your temperatures do make me chuckle. I class anything about 15 warm here. hehehe
    How lovely that you have had the time to have lunch with your husband. That pumpkin soup looks so good.
    It looks like a wonderful celebration for your Aunty’s birthday.

  3. So glad to hear you are recovering so well and that the biopsy came back all clear; that is wonderful! It’s so sweet to see how everyone is reaching out to help out. Those flowers are just beautiful!

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