10 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Skin

I thought it would be really helpful to look at 10 simple things you can do to improve your skin. These 10 simple tips are very easy to follow and they will not only help your skin look better, but they will also be very beneficial for your overall health.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Skin

1. Cleanse Your Skin

It’s a good idea to find a cleansing routine that works for your particular skin type. Use a cleanser that won’t strip your face of moisture and your skin’s natural oils. Remember not to wash your face excessively because the last thing you want to do is to dry your skin out.

Make sure to use warm water instead of hot water.  The best times to wash your face are first thing in the morning, right before you go to bed, and after you’ve worked up a sweat.

2. Wear Sunscreen Every day

Keep your skin protected from harmful and aging UV rays by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on every morning regardless of whether it’s sunny outside or not.

sunscreen for 10 things you can do to improve your skin

3. Moisturise Your Skin

If you moisturise your skin every day your skin will feel soft and hydrated. Moisturisers seal in the moisture especially if you apply it when your face is damp.

Moisturise skin for 10 things you can do to improve your skin

4. Eat Nourishing Food

Eating a healthy diet is so important if you want a healthy clear complexion. Indeed there are many foods rich in nutrients that are very good for your skin. Some of these are

  • Olive Oil
  • Tomatoes
  • Berries
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables
  • Fatty fish such as Salmon and Mackeral
  • Nuts
  • Avocados

healthy food for 10 things you can do to improve your skin

Stay away from

  • Food or drinks high in processed or refined sugars
  • Salty snacks
  • White bread

5. Stay Hydrated

water bottle for 10 thing you can do for healthy skin

Some research says drinking more water is good for your skin others say that it doesn’t have a big impact. The debate goes on however it’s important for our overall health to drink water and stay hydrated. Additionally, drinking too much water isn’t helpful either as you risk flushing out important minerals. So it’s probably safer to say stay hydrated rather than to say drink more water.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress will negatively affect your whole body including your skin. Therefore it’s really important to try and keep stress under control. Some of the ways you can do this are by doing deep breathing, yoga, or meditation.

meditating woman

7.  Get a Good Nights Sleep

Lack of sleep will make your eyes puffy and make your skin look dull and unhealthy. The skin repairs itself during the night while you sleep. So if you make sure to sleep the recommended 7-8 hours each night you will wake up feeling more refreshed. In addition to this, your skin will also look a whole lot better.

sleeping woman

8. Avoid Alcohol

When you drink alcohol it causes your body and skin to lose fluid. This can mean that your skin can become dry,  look wrinkled and dull. Therefore, avoiding alcohol will give you an all-around healthier appearance, it’s beneficial for your liver and you will gain that glowing radiant look.

9. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is just bad news for your health full stop. Additionally, if you smoke you risk getting dry and saggy skin, baggy eyes, and deep wrinkles. The reason for this is that smoking deprives the skin of important things like oxygen and nutrients.

10. Stay Active

The blood flow increases throughout the body when you exercise. This means that oxygen and nutrients get delivered to the skin. This in turn encourages collagen production and new skin cells. Thereby giving you glowing skin.

Revving up your heart rate with activities like kung fu training or any form of HIIT isn’t just great for fitness—it’s also a secret weapon for your skin! These dynamic exercises get your blood pumping, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells giving you that healthy glow. So if you’re aiming to maximize the impact, these activities are the way to go!

My Skincare Routine And Things I Need to Work On

When it comes to my own skincare routine I like to keep things very basic. I usually just cleanse, wear sunscreen and moisturise. I know I should probably up my skincare game because I’m not getting any younger. There are definitely a few things that I need to re-evaluate, change and adjust.

I don’t really like to spend too much money on anti-aging creams as I am conflicted about whether or not they actually work. Some experts say they do nothing, while others say they are backed by scientific evidence. One thing I am pretty certain of is this. I really think that diet, sleep, and exercise definitely play a very important role in how healthy your skin looks. So these are the areas that I really want to work on.

My diet is usually pretty good, but since we’ve been in lockdown I know that I have for sure been overindulging in too many sweet and salty treats. Lockdown ends very soon and I am super motivated to get back on track with my eating and sleeping habits effective immediately.

Skincare Products I am Currently Using

I have just recently started using products from Sukin. I don’t receive any affiliates for this at all, I just thought I’d share with you what’s happening in my own skincare world.

Before using Sukin I was quite happy with the Lacura range from Aldi. (Told you I’m not a big spender when it comes to skincare products!)

I found the Aldi products to be really good. To cleanse my skin I used the Lacura Naturals Invigorating Exfoliating Facial Scrub.  For the daytime, I used the Lacura Science Renew Day Cream with SPF 15. For night time I used the Lacura Skin Science Renew Night Cream.

All these products were great for me, they did the job and didn’t cause any irritations. I was very impressed with all of them. But just for a change, I thought I’d try the Sukin range as over the years I have heard people say very positive things about it.

Sukin is Australian-made using natural ingredients. I like the fact that it is an Australian product so that’s a big tick. Being cruelty-free and containing natural ingredients is also a big bonus.

sukin skincare products

To cleanse my face I am currently using the Sukin Purely Ageless Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser. The name itself makes me happy! Anything named Purely Ageless must be good right? My skin feels nice and clean but I can’t say that it feels any better or worse than when I was using the Lacura Facial Scrub.

For the daytime, I am applying the Sukin Purely Ageless Rejuvenating Day Cream. My skin feels well hydrated so far but this day cream doesn’t contain any SPF sun protection. This means I have to apply that separately. Which is ok but I just have to make sure I remember to do it!

For nighttime, I am using the Sukin Signature Moisture Restoring Night Cream. I am happy with this too so far.


Looking after our skin by gently cleansing, protecting it from the sun and moisturising is super important but I think that if we want to be healthier and have a natural glow, we also need to make sure to look after our bodies.

Following these 10 simple things to improve your skin will mean that you will not only look good but you will feel good too.

One Last Thing

If you would like to read some tips for how to look luxe. You can find this here.









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10 thoughts on “10 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Skin”

  1. There are some tips in here I hadn’t considered before so thank you for sharing. I am also with you in the fact I need to up my skincare routine but also believe that how you look after yourself and what you put in your body is more beneficial than spending on expensive skincare products

  2. I agree with you these anti aging products don’t slow down your aging process, the things that actually matter is your life style, how healthy you are and how you take care of your skin.

  3. Such great tips for keeping your skin healthy. I’ve definitely started wearing sunscreen daily most of the year and try to watch what I eat. Really does help with not only my skin but also my general demeanor and energy.

  4. I never considered myself as someone who fussed over beauty regimes. So I am pleasantly surprised that I do most of these tips anyway. I have also started questioning if these anti aging products work!

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