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Weekend Fun

Hi friends I hope you guys had a great weekend. And are all ready to jump into a brand-new week. I’m happy to be back again today on this very rainy and humid Monday evening. As usual, I am linking up with Holly and Sarah and sharing some of my weekend fun.

Weekend Fun


Saturday morning I had a few errands to run. So I made a quick trip to the shops and I saw some displays and decorations for the Lunar New Year celebrations. I didn’t have time to stop so I just took a few quick pics.

Lunar New ear for weekend fun

weekend fun

In the evening we went to my aunt’s house and we got to meet my cousin and his girlfriend’s new baby.

mini chihuahua for weekend fun

Isn’t she just so precious? I picked her up for a cuddle and was instantly smitten. I don’t think that I have ever gone so gaga over a puppy before. But I just loved this little one instantly. Isn’t she so tiny!! Her name is Zilla which is short for Godzilla ?. Here she is having a cuddle with Sam.

puppy chihuahua for weekend fun

Zilla is a miniature chihuahua and I can hardly believe how small she is. Here she is asleep in a tiny cat bed.

sleeping puppy

We all had fun cuddling and stroking Zilla as well as being very careful not to step on her. We all froze every time she moved from her tiny bed to her doggie carrier.

We stayed for dinner and my aunt made a delicious Chinese dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


Then for dessert, we enjoyed some fruit tarts and egg custard tarts. Yum!

fruit tart

egg custard tart


On Sunday I caught up with my friend who I met 23 years ago when she worked at preschool with me. She joined us on a one-year contract filling in for a maternity leave position. We clicked instantly and have been friends ever since.

Over the 23 years, we have had huge gaps where we didn’t hear from each other. Mainly because she went to live in Europe for a long time. She has been back in Australia for a number of years now and we catch up every so often. I love how we can always just pick up where we have left off. She always makes me laugh so much and is just so much fun to be with.

Shopping For Makeup

She is also my makeup guru. And I am always so amazed by her knowledge of different brands of makeup. And I love how she’s always so honest in telling me what suits me and what doesn’t. So on Sunday, we zigzagged around the city visiting Sephora, Mecca, Myer and David Jones. My friend had a list of specific products that she was on the lookout for.

makeup for weekend fun

She introduced me to Chantecaille eye shadow and I was so tempted to buy this colour but I didn’t because I recently bought the NARS palette. Oh, man! It took all of my willpower to walk away.

eye shadow

Then we looked at the amazing range of nail polish in David Jones. I was almost in a trance looking at all the pretty colours.

nail polish

And I nearly bought a really nice bronze-coloured nail polish but they were out of stock. In fact, everything seemed to be out of stock. Apparently, there are major issues with the supply chain. Which probably saved me a lot of money! And in the end, neither of us bought anything. But to be honest there weren’t any products that I needed. It was so much fun just browsing and getting lots of make-up tips from my friend.

Free Kombucha!

They were giving away cans of kombucha in Pitt St Mall. And the young girl gave us two each.


We didn’t realise it was kombucha until we read the cans. And we both said at the same time ” I hate kombucha”. But hey it was free! My friend had me in hysterics as I watched her trying to fit her freebies into her LV bag!


We ended our day by going to the QVB and enjoying a nice long lunch while we caught up on what’s been happening with us since the last time we met. We talked non-stop for ages reminiscing about when we first met and all of the funky fashions we used to wear to work.

Back then we didn’t have to wear enclosed granny shoes as we do now. We were allowed to wear any type of footwear we wanted. So she and I would wear strappy platform shoes that were all the rage back then thanks to the Spice Girls. Haha, such fun times!

For lunch, I ordered a chicken and leek pie with kale and quinoa salad. Because I have an obsession with chicken and leek pies at the moment. And my friend had an Italian panini with a lentil and edamame salad. I tried my free kombucha and it didn’t taste like anything so I was happy to drink it. Plus I was very thirsty!

lunch for weekend fun

On the way back to the train station I bought some caramelised peanuts to enjoy at home.

caramelised peanuts for weekend fun

It was such a fun Sunday!

Setting Up The Classroom At Preschool

Today it was all hands on deck as we continued to move the furniture around and finish where we left off on Friday. We set up the classrooms and prepared the craft and all the other activities ready for tomorrow when the children start.

We had a training afternoon scheduled as well. So we were racing to get everything finished by 2 pm. The day just flew by so fast but I found it so satisfying to declutter and organise the room. I love how spacious everything is now and I think that all the staff did such a great job setting up the learning areas. Especially because the preschool is in an old building that has so many limitations.

I’m looking forward to meeting the new children tomorrow. As well as welcoming back some of the kids from last year. The first few weeks of preschool are always so busy. The newbies need to familiarise themselves with the preschool environment and also learn the routine of the day.  And I usually end up feeling like I’m rounding up sheep every time we transition the kids during the day. It can be very funny and also very exhausting! I’m sure that I will be hanging out for Friday in no time at all!

Anyway, I guess that just about wraps up what I got up to this weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading about my weekend fun and my first Monday back at work.

Take care everyone and I look forward to being back here on Wednesday.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Fun”

  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend.
    Aww! What a cute little puppy, she really is adorable.
    I love shopping for make up but I have no idea about it, I just buy what looks pretty.
    The classroom is looking great. I bet the children will love it. x

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! All that food that your Aunt made looks so amazing! And Zilla is just too cute. I’d be smitten too! Catching up with friends is always a blast, and it looks like you had a great time. Good luck with the first week with students!

  3. I would have said the same thing when I realized it was kombucha! Haha. So nice you enjoyed some with your dear old friend. Have a great day with the kiddos as they arrive and get settled in. I always loved the first day of school.

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