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Hey everyone! Can you believe how quickly this week flew by? I’ve had such a refreshing break from work and it’s been so good to finally have the chance to relax a bit, catch up with friends and family, and just enjoy life without having to rush around. It’s been the best feeling and I’m soaking up every moment! Bliss!

I’m excited to share a few favourites and as usual, I’m happy to be joining Andrea and Erika for today’s link-up.

This week I had an unexpected adventure in the city with my makeup guru bestie. We started locally but when things didn’t pan out we ended up hopping on a train to the city and had such a fun day shopping. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and spending time with her is always a favourite! She sure knows how to shop and I love how she always keeps me laughing nonstop! Wow, look at her haul!


A stop at the Chanel make-up counter is always a must!

Chanel counter

My friend bought some make-up while I sampled the perfumes.

Chanel perfume

I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and was instantly inspired to pull my face back with my fingers. Haha! Maybe face tape is not such a bad idea, but Chanel doesn’t sell that. I got a ‘Le Lift’ sample from Chanel and as always, anything that vaguely promises lift always grabs my attention!

Chanel Lift

Next stop, Country Road- my favourite clothing shop where I bought a stripy top.

trying on clothes

We had lunch at Cupcakes on Pitt St. I have to admit that the name kind of threw me off. I’m a savoury girl and cupcakes for lunch didn’t sound so great. But I should have had more faith! They didn’t just offer cupcakes. It was a French-inspired cafe and they had the best chicken baguette I have ever tasted!


Cupcake for dessert.


We stopped off at Helen Kaminski where my friend bought a hat for her trip overseas and I had fun trying on a few hats.

the week post-trying on hats

It’s been such a favourite to be able to catch up on some blogging and share a life update as well as a Cousin Connect recap.

My lips have been feeling so dry lately. This favourite lip balm is helping a lot.

papaw cream lip balm

American snacks and treats are a huge favourite! Steve found a petrol station where they stock some of these treats so he drove me there to buy some.

American snacks

the week post-American snacks

Steve and I visited our local Ikea, and I’m always amazed at how quickly he can power walk through the store to get out, especially considering his dodgy knees. Haha!

We had dinner.

the week post-dinner at Ikea

A little while ago I found my dream bedside table at Mitchell Rd Antiques. We sold the matching bedside tables that we had on Facebook marketplace. Then temporarily used an old Ikea Lack side table as a bedside table for Steve. He declared his love for this new look and didn’t want to bother buying a new bedside table.

However, he needed something to store his bits and pieces. We found a storage container with a lid on our Ikea shopping trip and while it’s a little unconventional, we both think it suits just fine. Steve is such a minimalist and our kids always joke and tease him that he could have easily been a monk!

the week post-Ikea bedside table

Thursday I caught up with my lovely friend. We work together but we never have any time at work to barely say ‘Hi’ as we are so busy! It was so good to sit down and enjoy lunch and catch up.

lunch at a Greek cafe

The week post-Greek chicken wrap

This morning Steve, Sam and I went out for brunch which was such a treat! We live under the same roof but work schedules keep us all feeling as if we hardly see each other. I had the huge breakfast tacos, Steve had the big breakfast and Sam chose the Barra burger (barra is short for barramundi).

The week post-breakfast tacos

The week post-breakfast

It was a great week with lots of favourite moments and next week I have a few outings planned that I am very excited about. I can’t wait but at the same time, I am also hoping that the days go by really slowly!

That’s a wrap for this week’s favourites. Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun; I love the new top. You also look very good in hats! Such a delicious looking week. I have never had a million dollar bar but I have heard a lot about them… I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them and try one sometime.

  2. I am glad you have found some time to relax. It sounds like a fantastic shopping trip. That top looks great on you and the cupcake is just so pretty, almost too pretty to eat!
    My girls always go crazy for American snacks and treats, those Takis are their favourites.
    It’s good that you have had some family time together. Those breakfast tacos look amazing! x

  3. What a lovely week! I love a good shopping friend, so fun to peruse the makeup and perfume.

    I think the bin by the bedside table works well. We have several of those bins to store the kids’ Lego.

  4. You ate so many delicious looking things this week! I love Greek food and those breakfast tacos look amazing. That’s so funny seeing the American Snacks store since those are the snacks and candy that we eat all the time! Hope you had a great weekend!

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