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Term Four 2022

Hi everyone it’s so great to be here for today’s Hello Monday link-up with Holly and Sarah. I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. After having a fantastic two weeks off from work now it’s time to jump right into Term Four 2022! But first,  I’m really glad that you are here today and I’m excited to share with you a bit about my weekend.


It was a cloudy day right from the morning. The sun was desperately trying to get through from behind the thick clouds and there were tiny patches of blue but in the end, the clouds won. Friends, I think that spring has totally left us! It has been raining nonstop and it’s still quite cool. I hope that this doesn’t mean that we will start term four stuck indoors at preschool.

Before all the rain set in I woke up really inspired to get moving. I was determined to squeeze in a bit more holiday fun so I went to our local farmers market around midday. I parked the car and walked through the park to get there. It’s been raining for days so the grounds are soaked and there was a massive puddle of water amongst the trees. I saw a couple of ducks enjoying a swim in the big puddle.

term four rainy days

term four ducks

There is a walking track that I should investigate one day when the weather is good.

walking track for term four

The farmers market is only about a 10-minute drive from where we live. Because the weather was so uncertain there were a lot of stalls missing. Some were even packing up when I arrived. They were trying to beat the rain for sure!

farmers market for term four


The good thing about getting there later was that the stall holders were trying to get rid of their produce fast and they were offering reduced prices. So I picked up quite a few bargains. Here’s my haul

farmers market haul

I got some mangoes, dips, and pink-lady apples because they are everyone’s favourites. They’re sweet, crunchy and a tiny bit sour. I also bought some tomatoes and picked up three bags of small avocados. They were $5.oo a bag but the nice man at the stall sold me 3 bags for $10.00. They’re a good size to take to work for lunch. I bought a chicken, mushroom and leek pie that I put in the freezer to have later on in the week.

I love washing all my fruit and veggies before I pack them away. Aren’t they good-looking fruit and vegetables? I was super excited about the beautiful red capsicums. They have been so expensive in the supermarket but I got a bag of 5 for $5.00. They are normally $3.00 each!

fruit and veg


In the evening I worked on the blog for a while and I also made some Pinterest pins. I am also trying to remember to post on Instagram. I am hopeless on social media but I have set myself a goal to post at least one thing every day. Here’s a link to my Instagram and Pinterest if you would like to follow me.

I started watching Maid on Netflix and it is really good. My lovely friend recommended it to me ages ago but I wasn’t in the mood back then to watch it. It looked a bit sad and intense and I was right. I’m in a better frame of mind now so I really am enjoying it.

We had so much leftover pulled chicken that I made the other day so I didn’t have to cook. We have been having it in burger buns with coleslaw for lunch. For dinner, we had it with rice. I’m lucky that non of us are fussy eaters and we will happily eat leftovers any time.

chicken burger


I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for lunch. My aunty made the most delicious fall-apart lamb shanks yum!! One of my cousins was there too so it was great to catch up with them. It was my aunty Vicky’s birthday last weekend so I got her a small present.

lunch for term four

I bought her some nice-smelling handwash and a couple of soft white hand towels from Bed Bath and Table. It’s hard to know what to buy for birthdays sometimes. But I figured that everyone washes their hands and it did smell lovely.


In the evening I did my meal planning and online grocery shopping. I went to bed at a reasonable hour and I am doing everything I can to love Mondays because they are a fresh new start to every week. I even wrote a post all about reasons to love Mondays that you can find here.

I guess that wraps up my last weekend of school holidays. Thank you so much for stopping by to have a read. You are all one of the big reasons to love Mondays! Now it’s time to embrace term four and enjoy the final term of the school year!

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6 thoughts on “Term Four 2022”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. The park looks a fab place to explore and the farmers market looks fantastic. Well done with your bargains. Ohh! I loved Maid on Netflix. It’s so sad and it made me so angry but it is a good show. x

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      I couldn’t have been able to watch Maid earlier in the year. I really like it but I know what you mean about it making you angry. I feel the same way too!

  2. That was a huge pond from the rain. I love Farmers’ Markets and you bought wonderful items. Your meal photos have made me quite hungry and I’ve already had lunch. Yum. #MMBC

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