Hello Monday

Hey there friends it’s great to be back after such a fun weekend and I’m so excited to be heading into a very short work week and the start of the summer holidays. Yay!! Today I am recapping a very fun and busy weekend. Thanks so much for being here!

Friday Night Party Night!

Friday night was the Bayside Council Community Christmas dinner hosted by the Mayor. I had been looking forward to this night for weeks ever since Steve and I received our invitations. It’s always great to have something fun to look forward to and this was definitely it for me.

The venue for the party was decorated in all the traditional Christmas colours of red, gold and green. Walking in felt almost unreal and I was in awe of the table decorations. Everything was so beautiful! ย We sat with some of our friends and we had one of the best nights ever. The company, food and the whole atmosphere were amazing.

Christmas party-recapping weekend

Christmas party-recapping weekend

Christmas party-recapping weekend

Appetisers were dips, antipasto salad and bread rolls.

Christmas food - recapping weekend


For my entree, I had ravioli followed by a fall-off-the-bone deliciously tender lamb shank. Then chocolate mousse for dessert.


lamb shank

mousse- recapping weekend

Steve had prawn linguine for an entree, chicken for the main and passionfruit panacotta for dessert.

prawn linguini



I wore a one-shoulder red dress. Even though I don’t normally wear red I love this particular dress and I think that it was perfect for this festive occasion.

me and my friend


Saturday morning I was back to reality with a big thud. Haha, after such a fun night with the drinks flowing aplenty. I woke up craving a simple breakfast of cereal, juice, a big mug of coffee and lots of water.

breakfast - recapping weekend

It was such a hot day so I decided to wash the sofa covers because I knew that they would dry fast on the clothesline. I’m not quite sure where I got my motivation to do this as I was feeling tired after a big night out.

sofa covers

Everything always looks worse before it looks better when it comes to cleaning and organising. Hmmmm

washing sofa covers-recapping weekend

An iced coffee break pepped me up and kept me going.

iced coffee

Then in the evening after I vacuumed all the dust and crumbs as well as some of the feathers that had come out of the cushions everything looked and smelled so fresh!

clean sofa

I sat down with Sam to watch a Japanese anime called ‘Attack On Titan’. This is my first time watching Japanese anime and I’m really enjoying it. What I love most of all is that Sam asked me to watch the series with him. I’m so happy my big 19-year-old boy still likes to spend time with his old mum.


Sunday we spent the whole day at Oatley Baths with my husband’s swim club.

swim club - recapping weekend

It was a day of swimming races and after the competition, we enjoyed another Christmas party with more food!

Christmas food


Christmas food

We got home around 5 pm and enjoyed a glass of wine while we watched Blue Bloods.

watching Blue Bloods

We’re almost done with season 12 and I’m feeling sad that there are only two more seasons left. Now we’re on the lookout for another series Steve and I can watch together. We tried (yet again) to watch Game of Thrones but I don’t think Steve was keen after the first episode. To be honest I’m not so keen either although I am tempted to keep going as everyone I know who watched it, loved it.

Today was our staff development day at work and it meant enduring a super long meeting. But tomorrow is our cleaning day and honestly, I’m looking forward to it. Not just because it’s the end but because it’s also a special treat day! We order lunch which is a big deal for all of us. On top of that one thoughtful parent gifted us a bottle of Moet to share. So tomorrow’s menu is McDonald’s and Moet for me – always keeping it classy around here! Haha.

I’ll be back here on Wednesday and I’m sharing my Lime and Macadamia Glazed Ham recipe. Trust me you don’t want to miss this as it’s absolutely delicious!

Happy Monday friends!

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13 thoughts on “Hello Monday”

  1. Oh, I love the red dress! It looks beautiful on you! Your parties look so fun! Glad you are enjoying this holiday season. Looks like you and I had the same idea about deep cleaning, too! Enjoy your McDonaldโ€™s and Moรซt! Have a great week!

  2. Oh wow! The party on Friday sounds amazing! The tables do look so pretty and the food looks so good and I love your dress!
    I do love a dry, hot day getting things dried on the clothesline and getting everything clean and fresh!
    My youngest loves all the Japanese anime’s, one of her favourites is Attack on Titan. It took me about 4 episodes of Game of Thrones to get into it. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all but I was one of those people waiting each week for a new episode in the later series.
    Have a great end of term. x

  3. The mayor’s dinner looks so nice! How do they determine who gets an invite?
    I’m excited for your ham recipe. We typically have turkey for Christmas but I could use it another time.

    Have a great week.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      The councillors can invite people from the community to this event. One of our good friends is a councillor. We met many years ago when we were campaigning to have our local pool rebuilt. The pool needed an upgrade but the council didn’t want to spend the money. Instead, they wanted to knock it down and sell the land to investors for redevelopment. It took so many years of lobbying! In the end, we made many long-lasting friendships and we got a new pool ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That party looks fantastic and the food mouthwatering….how on earth did you have the energy to wash your sofa covers the next day. I’m in total awe of you!! Your dress is fabulous too. How nice to watch anime with your son, my kids have been into it for years but my favourites are anything from the Ghibli Studio. They are a little weird but so cute. Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro are my favourites. I hope you enjoyed your Mc Donalds and Champagne today ๐Ÿ™‚

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