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Hey, there friends it’s great to be back today on this very unusually warm winter’s day. I am excited to be joining Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness for the July edition of Currently. This month we are looking at what we are Currently Loving, Savouring, Celebrating, Remembering and Trying. And I am so glad you are here! So let’s jump right in shall we?


It’s the winter holidays and I am off from work for two weeks. I always love the freedom of the holidays because I don’t have to stick to a timetable and I’m free to enjoy some downtime. I also love having the time to catch up and do some fun things with friends and family. On top of that, it’s also great not having to go to bed until very late and instead, I can stay up guilt-free and binge-watch some of my favourite shows.


Food! Being on term break means that I have been going out to savour and enjoy some delicious meals.

Monday I enjoyed high tea with my sweet friend.

savouring high tea for the July edition of currenly

Today I really savoured a delicious French lunch when I went out on a lunch date in the city with Steve. Nom nom!

lunch for July edition of currently

I have also been savouring eating lunch at home on a real plate instead of eating in a cramped staff room out of a plastic lunch box.

lunch at home for the July edition of currently


Over the weekend we celebrated Christmas in July and you can read all about the fun time we had here. It was great getting together with the family and enjoying a winter-themed Christmas in the middle of the year. We all had an amazing time embracing the cozy traditions typically associated with the holiday season. Having a Christmas dinner in winter instead of the usually hot and sweaty Australian summer was a real novelty!

Christmas in July dinner


Inspired by a post I wrote last week about why I thought that the 80s was the best decade. I have been right into listening to 80s music and watching some of my favourite ’80s movies. So I guess I have been reminiscing and remembering what it was like to be a teen during the mid to late 80s. Fun times for sure!


I go through spurts of really trying to remember to drink more water. Unfortunately, it usually takes a major headache for me to realise that I am dehydrated. I guess because I’m a bit out of routine now that I am on holiday from work. I have been a bit slack when it comes to staying on top of my water intake. The other day I felt really unwell with a horrible pain on the right side of my head.  After a few glasses of water, I felt so much better. So now I am definitely trying to drink more water to avoid this from happening again!

water for morning routine

Well, folk that’s a wrap for the July edition of Currently. Can you believe how ridiculously fast these months have zoomed past? It’s mind-boggling! And now we are diving head first into the second half of the year. But hey, before you dash off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to swing by today. It means the world to me that I could share a glimpse of what we have been up to. Take care and I look forward to being back here tommorow!

Happy Wednesday friends.

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12 thoughts on “July Edition of Currently”

  1. The food looks amazing and I love the Christmas in July! Enjoy your two weeks and keep drinking that water. I am the same – I almost do worse when not in school because I don’t have my water routine.

  2. How wonderful that you’re on midterm break! I know you must have loved celebrating Christmas in your winter months. Oh, the things I take for granted! We had a very hot Christmas two or three years ago- it put me in the worst mood. It felt so wrong for it to be hot, when it’s usually really cold here for us in the States. I know it’s all in what you’re used to, right? That high tea lunch and your other lunches look yummy, but I love high tea food! I hope you enjoy your day today, my friend!

  3. It sounds like you are having a great time at the moment with it being the school holidays. That food looks amazing, especially the high tea. I love your Christmas in July! I said to my fella I fancy cooking a full on Christmas dinner next week. He is not convinced. lol x

  4. I find it hard to drink plain water. So, I add ice, fruit and then water and let it sit a bit. Then I can enjoy it. Your food pictures look really good! Nice to meet you Ruth!

  5. Oh my, the high tea – and all the food! – looks delightful! What a luxury! Oh, and the 80s really were the best decade!

  6. Christmas in July sounds like so much fun! We tried that once here, as a family, but it was hot….it just felt odd! LOL We did have fun exchanging (thrifted) gifts!! Enjoy your break. The eating looks good!:)

  7. Now I want high tea! Yum!!! And yes, drinking water is so important. Dave got really sick a couple of years ago and, after a few days, I made him drink three glasses of water in a row, and he started improving. We think he was just dehydrated. But we also tend to forget how important water is. Now I’m off to have a glass before Happy Hour starts 🙂 Enjoy your holidays!

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