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Friday Favourites

Hi everyone! welcome to Friday favourites. I am super excited that it’s Friday and we can say a huge hello to the weekend. Because friends it sure has been a week!!

Up until Thursday afternoon, I probably had zero favourites. This week was mainly all about getting over the huge hurdle called assessment and rating. In New South Wales, this process is a thorough evaluation to ensure compliance with quality standards for early childhood education and care.

I know that the preschool where I work is really something special! Our team consists of wonderfully kind, patient, caring, and passionate teachers, many of whom I’m lucky to count as friends. We’re also incredibly fortunate to have the best director anyone could ask for! Our learning environment is truly fantastic, especially since the big renovations over the summer holidays.

it's Friday-shrub

It's Friday - puppets

Despite all the hard work to make sure everything was spot on, the upcoming assessment and rating process has been looming over us like a dark cloud for what feels like an eternity. So, it’s fair to say that most of this week was all about getting ready for the big assessment days – Wednesday and Thursday.

Assessment Days

The assessment itself was incredibly intense! The assessor was so meticulous as she examined every single little detail and I’m convinced she would make an excellent detective! As she observed she also took notes. At one point she came over to where I was sitting in the playground reading a book to a group of children. I felt so stressed because I could see that she was taking notes as she observed me.

I started seeing little lights flashing in front of my eyes and quickly realised that as I was reading I was also holding my breath. Hahahaha!!! I’m laughing now but I wasn’t then. I remember thinking, Oh no I’m going to pass out in front of the assessor, I’m going to traumatise the kids and then we will fail for sure!! Well, the good news is, I composed myself, took some deep breaths and then she moved on. Phew!!

Finally, Some Favourites!

Thursday afternoon couldn’t come fast enough and I almost ran out of work in the afternoon, I think we all did because we were all so happy that the assessment and rating days were finally over! Now we have to wait for the results and fingers crossed we get the rating we know we deserve.

I had booked a hair appointment for 4 pm at a nearby salon conveniently located halfway between where I work and where I live. It was my first time there and stepping into the cool air-conditioned salon felt heavenly after a hot and stressful couple of work days.

The staff at the salon were so friendly and welcoming, they had soft relaxing music playing in the background and gorgeous big mirrors and comfortable chairs.

It's Friday-hair salon

The lovely hairdresser listened to my woes as I told her all about my constant battle with frizzy hair and damaged ends. In the end, we both agreed that a partial keratin treatment was the best way to go.

I felt so pampered and spoilt the whole time I was there! They even had a refreshments menu and I chose a coffee that came with a cute heart-shaped chocolate. So many sweet touches!

It's Friday - beverages menu

It's Friday - coffee and chocolate

Keratin Treatment

The keratin treatment was quite the process. I spent about two hours at the salon, the hairdresser applied the treatment mainly to the top layer of my hair, including my fringe. She explained that this approach would help maintain some volume and prevent my hair from looking too flat. However, the downside is- I can’t wash my hair until Sunday, which means that for now, I can’t style it the way I’m used to.

Additionally, the keratin stripped the colour from my hair, leaving it a much lighter shade of brown. I’m convinced it’s orange, but my work friends disagree (I think they are being kind). I have to wait two weeks to colour my hair back to the shade of brown that I am used to. But despite the unexpected colour change, the upside is that my hair is now smooth and completely frizz-free for at least six months, and that’s definitely a win! 

it's Friday - keratin treatment


Today with A&R over we were back to our usual fun relaxed vibe at work. Many of my colleagues brought some treats to celebrate and it was a fantastic way to finish off a stressful week.

It's Friday - work treats

Thankfully we won’t have to go through this whole process for at least another three years! I’m celebrating a relaxed Friday evening with one of these!

Cheers to the weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. Your preschool is so beautiful and way better than anything I have seen in the US. The creative touches are amazing. I will pray you get the very best rating. Sounds like you work with wonderful people! Show us front pic of the hair color! It looks pretty from the back, but I am sure it was quite shocking. Happy weekend!

  2. Your preschool really does look and sound amazing but I can imagine the worry leading up to the assessment. It sounds some stressful. I hope the results come back quickly.
    It sounds like the hair appointment was just what you needed to relax and unwind.

  3. The preschool looks great and hope the assessment reflects that! I had a keratin treatment once but I must have washed my hair too soon afterwards!

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