A Fun Weekend

Hi friends I hope that you all had a great weekend and are all ready to jump into a brand new week. It was so good to have the sun shining all weekend long. Bright sunny days and blue skies always lift my mood and make me feel motivated. The wind had a bit of a bite to it and it still didn’t feel quite like Summer. It kind of felt more like the beginning of spring or late autumn. Ha, I always seem to bring you a Sydney weather report every time! Anyway, it really was a fun weekend and I’m about to photo-bomb you with all of the Sydney sights I enjoyed.

A Fun Weekend

Friday Night

But first up Friday night was our regular monthly ‘cousin connect’ as we call it. Our family meets up for dinner once a month either on Friday night or Saturday the first week of every month. We started this tradition in February this year and I am so grateful that we did. The weeks and months just roll by so fast and it’s so easy to forget to catch up with family.

This had happened to us over the years. Our family all live pretty close by. But over the years we had let months slip by before we caught up with each other. Then when my mum became sick earlier in the year we were all so saddened and shocked. And truly rattled to our very core. We realised how disconnected we had become. And so we came up with the idea of monthly dinners and my little cousin gave our catch-ups the name ‘cousin connect’. So out of such a great loss, we have now started a wonderful family tradition.

It was my cousin’s turn to host and she spoiled us with a most delicious dinner! We had ribs, wings, mac and cheese and salad. Very American! My cousin’s husband is from Ohio and I love hearing his accent. Their kids also have such a cute Australian/American accent.

A fun weekend dinner

For dessert, we had a huge chocolate cake. It’s two of my cousin’s birthdays in December so we sang them a happy birthday.

birthday cake for a fun weekend

Their cute dog Amelia came up to me to say hello while we were eating. She probably fancied a treat.

Amelia the dog for a fun weekend


I spent the day with my lovely bestie in the city. We started off by browsing through the shops and admiring the lovely Christmas decorations. There were so many people shopping in the city. I think that everyone is just so happy to be out and about without any covid restrictions. But in saying this, my friend and I played it safe and wore our masks on the train and whenever we were around too many people.

We stopped to look at the David Jones Christmas window display. But it was a bit underwhelming this year. It’s hard to see in the photos because of the reflection in the window. But it was just a whole lot of mechanical things and it reminded me of something out of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

window display for a fun weekend

a fun weekend

We were feeling a bit hungry so we stopped for brunch. I had the bruschetta with a poached egg.


My friend had smashed avocado with lots of rocket.


Visiting The Art Galley Of NSW

Afterwards, we walked over to see the opening of the new art gallery building. Here’s the original building.

art gallery of NSW

And next door is a very modern-looking building.

art gallery

The view from the back of the building was pretty spectacular. See that long grey building. That’s where Russell Crowe lives. I didn’t catch a glimpse of him though hehe.

I thought that this big flower sculpture was bright and pretty.

flower sculptures

It was very spacious inside the new building and all the artworks were contemporary.

This pic looks blurry but it’s not. The art was meant to be blurry!

I think that this was the most interesting piece. It looks like a big skyscraper. But it’s just a whole lot of mirrors. I felt a bit dizzy looking down though. And then my friend noticed that all those colourful things on the levels were actually body parts. Hmmm………I’m not sure how I feel about contemporary art. It always leaves me feeling baffled and I’m not really a big fan. I felt the same way when we visited the MCA back in September.

I did like these colourful windows.

Then we got a chance to create some art for an exhibit. The instructions we were given were to roll out balls about the size of our palms. Then the best ones would be added to the middle of that huge table and that was the art!

Look at our spectacular clay balls. Who knows? We may be commissioned to produce these amazing pieces of art!!

It was therapeutic rolling our clay and we both agreed that we felt like we were at preschool (I’m lucky enough to work at preschool with my lovely friend).

The Rocks Markets

After the gallery visit, we walked over to the Rock’s “Christmas markets”. None of the stalls had anything Christmassy for sale which was a bit disappointing. We had a brief look and then stopped for a drink in an outdoor cafe.

Saturday was such a fun day. I love getting out and about with my sweet friend and I’m excited to plan more outings for our summer holidays.


I had a mini panic when I realised that I had not yet bought a single present for anybody. So I made a dash back into the city on Sunday afternoon. And I was on a mission to tick off some presents from my list. Luckily I found a few things and I even got the presents gift-wrapped for free. That’s one of the big perks of shopping at DJs.

I feel a whole lot better now that I have started my shopping. I had every intention of doing this in November but November flew by in a flash and my head wasn’t in a great place then anyway. Thankfully I have been feeling much better the last couple of weeks.

I guess that wraps up my very fun weekend. There are a couple of other fun things that I managed to squeeze in this weekend. But I’ll share about them later this week. I hope that you guys had a fun weekend too!

Happy Monday friends!

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4 thoughts on “A Fun Weekend”

  1. And here I just finished up my shopping this weekend (in a bit of a panic that it was taking me so long! LOL!!). I love your family tradition of a cousin’s get together once a month. That cake looks delicious and I can definitely spot the American influence in your meal. I too have a hard time with contemporary art; while I do find it interesting I often find myself questioning it and feeling a bit baffled by it.

  2. Send some sunshine here will you, I am sick of this grey, gloomy weather.
    It is good that you have your family dinners. The food your cousin made looks amazing!
    It sounds like a good day out in the city. The view from the back of the new building is stunning. What fab photos of the artwork. x

  3. I enjoyed my little trip with you – so many wonderful sights to see. BTW I love avocado toast and yours make me hungry. Have a great week! #MMBC

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