a day at preschool

A Day At Preschool

Hi friends welcome to a day at preschool! Today I’m sharing a glimpse of what an ordinary day in our little world looks like. It’s all about the moments of play, learning and discovery that make up a typical day at our preschool.

A Day At Preschool

The kids arrived with big smiles ready to jump into term 3 after the two-week winter break. Some of the parents made me laugh when they commented on how happy and relieved they were because preschool was open again. It must have felt like forever for them!

A Busy Morning During Indoor Play

It was pizza time in the home corner which we transformed into a pizza restaurant, complete with a pizza oven, felt bases and toppings. I made the pizza oven two years ago and I think it’s lasted quite well so far. This morning I had to repair the oven door with sticky tape. And it also needs a new light but overall it’s surviving quite well considering how often it gets used. This is what the pizza oven looked like when I first made it.

dramatic play pizza oven

It’s looking a bit more tired these days.

pizza oven for a day at preschool

After a busy morning filling so many orders, the pizza chefs made a big mess of their workstations.

a day at preschool

a day at preschool

I had the pleasure of ‘tasting’ many of their creations.

a day at preschool

Some kids worked on tricky puzzles.


Others practiced their cutting skills.

preschool cutting activity

Lots of rolling and squishing playdough.

play dough

Some kids totally nailed their box construction game as they created impressive-looking robots.

box construction

Morning snack time. Look at these delicious lunch boxes!

morning snack

The children from the other class made pancakes during their morning activities. Instead of maple syrup, they poured Blue Agave syrup on their pancakes and they loved it! Although I must say that anything sweet is usually a guaranteed winner! I tried some of the leftovers and they tasted great! Well done teachers and children!!


This week we are celebrating NAIDOC week and we watched a video about traditional aboriginal dances.

Then it was lunchtime for me and outdoor playtime for the kids. All the staff have to tag team lunch breaks to make sure that we meet our supervision ratios. We get a 50-minute break and this is when I also grab the opportunity to get some blogging done.

a day at preschool

After my break, it was time for music and movement followed by lunchtime for the children. After lunch, it was relaxation time. The kids each picked a fidget toy.

a day at preschool

Then settled down on pillows for about 30 minutes. Today no one fell asleep but sometimes we might have one or two children drift off for a little nap. When relaxation time was over the kids packed away their toys and pillows and it was time for more outdoor play until pick-up time.

sandpit play

outdoor play

a day at preschool

ball pit

a day at preschool

Afternoons are always a flurry of activity at preschool, with packing away and cleaning as well as getting things ready for the next day. Trust me, there’s never a dull moment! It’s like a built-in workout and who needs a gym membership when you’ve got this much physical activity? Getting my steps up is a breeze, and it’s definitely a great way to stay active.

So, that’s a day at preschool- a mix of fun and hard work every single day. As an educator, I’m grateful to be part of these little ones’ lives as they learn and grow. I have to admit that keeping up with their endless energy can be tough on this not-so-young body. Not to mention all the setup and cleanup we do all day long. But it’s a very rewarding job and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Except maybe on rainy days when we are stuck inside. On those days I might let my mind wander and briefly daydream about switching careers hehe!

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7 thoughts on “A Day At Preschool”

  1. So fun! I substituted as a helper at our local preschool a few times last year, lately I wasn’t able to when they asked me but maybe I will again in the future!

  2. That pizza oven is the cutest idea! I used to work in preschool and remember those days well of trying to cover all the lunch breaks for everyone in the daycare (it was a huge private daycare that was open year round with multiple rooms for all ages from birth to 5/6).

  3. What a great day at preschool! My son is now in primary school. But, I still like his pre-school days as I could interact with most of his activities from playing to arts and crafts. Wow! The pizza oven is great!

  4. Thank you for sharing your day at preschool with us! It’s great to see how much fun the kids are having while learning and discovering new things. I love how you transformed the home corner into a pizza restaurant – what a creative idea! The pancakes with Blue Agave syrup sound delicious too.

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